Our characters

The Fujoshi Guide to Web Development features gijinka (anthropomorphizations) of programming languages and concepts. Each of our characters is engineered from the ground up to cater to "transformative" fandom—that is, people who create fanfiction, fanart, meta, and much more.

The protagonist


Boba-tan's profile picture'


  • Bigotry
  • Bullies
  • Boredom


After getting isekai’d to a world where programming concepts are anthropomorphized as hot fictional characters, Boba-tan has now embarked on an exilarating journey to learn all she can about web development.

Kind, enthusiastic, intense and a bit weird (but, unless you’re fictional, generally harmless), Boba-tan represents the best a fujoshi can be.


Boba-tan was created to be BobaBoard's mascot, but has held many jobs throughout her career. Her ethnicity is Chilean.


Localhost is where the characters that reside on your own computer live. While GitHub theoretically comes from the Cloud, he's often following Git around and (much to Terminal's chagrin) is an almost-permanent fixture of the place.


Git's profile picture'


  • Physical exercise
  • Desserts
  • GitHub’s attention


Localhost HQ’s resident catboy is as cute as he is changeable. Kind and sweet on the surface, his friendly demeanor can easily turn catty when provoked out of strangers’ sight.

Despite his moodiness, Git’s photographic memory makes him a powerful ally to those who learn how to tame him.


Git (the technology) will officially be 18 on April 7th, 2023. This equals 10010 years old in programming years.


GitHub's profile picture'


  • Boredom
  • Spicy food
  • Being rejected


Corrupted by the evil tendrils of capitalism the Cloud, GitHub is Git’s online counterpart. Materializing near Git every chance he gets, their psychic connection drives his obsessive behavior.

Despite his villainous demeanor, GitHub is a good team player who loves social gatherings — not that he’d want anyone to know that.


Cloud-based characters can instantly materialize wherever a web connection exists. Kinda like Castiel.


Terminal's profile picture'


  • Noise and chaos
  • Bad hosts
  • Ill-behaved catboys


The most important member and live-in maid-pa of localhost HQ, Terminal is always ready to gently nudge beginners toward new adventures.

While some of his syntax might be dated, age gives no sign of slowing him down. Quick, powerful, and performant, his abilities are feared by beginners and revered by experts.


Also known as shell. Any resemblance to Revolver Ocelot is completely accidental.


Browserland characters are responsible for bringing the web as we know it to life. Always hard at work to display any website in its full glory, Browserland's most famous trio (HTML, CSS & ARIA) is inseparable.


CSS's profile picture'


  • Itchy fabrics
  • Tidying up
  • Credit card chargebacks


The creative force of Browserland, CSS honed his fashion sense by dressing his childhood friend HTML in extravagant clothes (a hobby he still maintains).

While he made a career out of providing the web with the flourish he needs, he grows his creative skills by running an online shop on the side. Being deaf, he often communicates via sign language.


CSS's math prowess is as keen as his fashion sense. It has to be: standard orgs keep adding ways to measure and color page elements.


HTML's profile picture'


  • Talking
  • Waking up early
  • OSHA violations


The hardest worker in all of Browserland, HTML shows up wherever there’s a (web) job to be done. Quiet, dependable, and overworked, he somehow always manages to appear professional.

While he’d much rather spend time scrolling the web and listening to music, he can’t help being dragged into CSS and ARIA’s neverending shenanigans.


It takes an average of 5 artists to get his face right. And even then, they might accidentally lose his headphones.


ARIA's profile picture'


  • The bourgeoisie
  • Prolonged silence
  • Pineapple


Born to a rich family, ARIA’s life was upended when he was sent to work among Browserland’s plebs. Smitten by HTML and his work ethic, he’s now his most loyal colleague, and a cup ramen connoisseur.

His constant talking and his intuitive empathy make him the spokesperson of the HTML/CSS/ARIA trio. His generous allowance also bankrolls their adventures.


While his full name is WAI-ARIA, most refer to him simply as ARIA. Incidentally, it means "air" in Italian.


What is [character]'s [race, sex, gender, etc]?

Our character creation process has two main goals:

  • Creating a diverse cast of characters
  • Providing characters that are exciting and dynamic, but still blank slates for the community to build on and identify with

Since these characters are anthropomorphized versions of software and development concepts, they are not constrained by our concepts of race, sex, gender, ethnicity, country of origin, and religion. While we are developing some characters with specific communities in mind, they can be anything to anyone. We invite people to play around with them as they see fit!

Our desire to not make fan creators feel constrained by specific pronouns posed a challenge when assigning our own defaults. Official materials currently use he/him pronouns for the characters, as a callback to the genres that inspired us which avoids singling out any character’s preferred gender expression. We encourage the community to use whatever pronouns they prefer within their own versions of Localhost HQ. We’ll be exploring other ways to handle this issue in the future.

Even though the characters aren't from the real world, you took inspiration from something. Do you use sensitivity readers?

Although the volunteers and collaborators working on The Fujoshi Guide to Web Development are diverse, we don't have a broad enough cross-section to cover all axes of marginalization. To that end, we do extensive research and work with sensitivity consultants when exploring character traits, relationships, and design.

You can see a current list of the consultants we've worked with during the production of the demo in the credits. They include:

  • A sensitivity reader from the Mi'kmaq tribe for CSS.
  • A sensitivity reader from the deaf community, also for CSS.

We are committed to continuing to increase the FujoGuide cast's diversity, and have additional characters in various stages of development that could not fit in this first release. If you're interested in helping as a sensitivity reader, please contact our lead Essential Randomness through Kickstarter to let us know what you would like to read for.

Do you have any other characters?

When we were first working on character design, we didn't actually know what our first volume would cover, so we discussed and began developing many gijinka who did not make it into Volume 0, like the two hotties below.

Sketches of the unreleased FujoGuide character [Redacted]. He has a thicc build, a medium-dark skin tone, and tightly curled black hair shown in different styles. On the left is a nearly full-body drawing of him wearing a patchwork sweater, smiling, with a flat top hair style, and holding a steaming mug. The artist’s notes read “dimples? uwu”. In the middle are two side profiles with hair ideas: the top one has a flat top with fade hair style and the bottom one has box braids on top with a fade. The artist’s notes read “yarn braids :3”. On the right is a drawing of him knitting with his elbows on the table and his tongue sticking out in focus mode. He is wearing a white long-sleeve shirt and a very short hairstyle. The artist’s notes read “focusing too hard”. Sketches of the unreleased FujoGuide character [Redacted]. He has a thin build, a light skin tone, and long hair swept to one side and gathered in a ponytail. He is neatly dressed in a button down shirt, collared vest, dress pants, driving gloves, and oval bottom rim glasses. On the left, he is holding and reading a large book. In the middle, he is sitting cross-legged and looking thoughtful with a finger on his lips. On the right, he is walking down a grand staircase with one hand on the railing and a pencil behind his ear.

We can't go into many details because they will be featured in future volumes, but know that there are so, so many more hot anime boys waiting for you.