The character roster for The Fujoshi Guide to Web Development. The title is located near the bottom of the graphic in aqua, orange, and pink text surrounded by a lavender bubble. Pink hearts bubble up from the word ‘web’ in the title. The word ‘to’ is framed by a terminal. On the left side of the title is a stylized computer screen showing an image of Boba-tan, the BobaBoard Mascot, wearing a raccoon kigurumi, glasses, and waving in greeting. The background shows six characters that represent from left to right: Git, GitHub, Terminal, CSS, HTML, and ARIA. The background colors form a rainbow.

The project

The Fujoshi Guide to Web Development is an upcoming series of instructional zines about coding. Our mission is to empower more people (especially from fandom spaces) to actively create the internet they want to inhabit. Each zine features gijinka–that is, anthropomorphizations– of programming languages and concepts.

The Fujoshi Guide aims to fill the gap between beginner tutorials and professional web development resources. Beginner tutorials ignore many of the techniques crucial to modern web development, while professional resources are so dense they are unapproachable to the average fan. As a result, many capable potential developers abandon their programming dreams.

Our cunning plan to fix this? Tantalize our readers with irresistible characters who just happen to be willing to teach them to code, easing them past any aversion with entertaining stories and exercises.

Volume 0: Git & GitHub

The Fujoshi Guide starts off by teaching two skills that most guides don’t cover until far too late, if ever: how to maintain your code and how to collaborate on coding projects. Armed with this knowledge, you can gain access to the wider world of web development tools and start creating the web you want to see.

Volume Zero covers the basics of:

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